National Track Champs in Manchester – 3rd day

© veloccino

How time flies! Just a week ago, last Sunday, Rich and I had the chance to be as close as possible to the action at the National Track Cycling Champs in Manchester! Thanks to British Cycling!

For us it was an early start to tackle the 3 hours drive from Wendover to Manchester to be in time (ish) for the first races. We arrived far earlier than most of the spectators… that was tough.

Rich and I have both been to Velodromes before but if you are on a mission to summarise this event in a photo story you need to adjust your perspective and investigate the venue. How can you make use of the light, where are the best places to let you, the readers, experience the event as we did and so on. In addition, something to keep in mind, being that close to the riders you obviously do not want to interrupt their race prep in any way.

Long story short,as it turned out we were really lucky. This Sunday was the day on which Katie Archibald and Dan Bigham put the exclamation mark behind their very successful championship weekend! Olympic champion Katie won the points race and Dan was pushing his Brother NRG Driverplan NRG boys to their team pursuit gold.

To be fair I did not believe that taking shots at a track cycling event was going to be that difficult. The speed is just on another level in comparison to our usual shots at outdoor events. But every challenge is an opportunity so we had to adopt very quick. I hope veloccino will get many more chances to cover cycling events like the national in our way.

Find below my most favourite shots. Enjoy.