No-Sweat Pants – An exciting Cycling Outfit

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Urban cycling is just not simply about owning a nice bicycle. Trendy stylish cycling outfits can add a lot more to how you look and feel riding your bicycle.  To me, a perfect urban cycling outfit is comfortable and non- restrictive, sweat absorbent and helps you in performing and looking your best. This idea is most valid for pants than any other garment.

Naturally none of us would like to be uncomfortable, sweaty, damp or for that matter, less than smartly dressed. This is what a modern wearer would call dressing functionally (smart, practical and physiologically healthy).

Off late, I was looking for such “dressing functionally” all round cycling pants for me when I came across something which I found be perfectly fitting to my “cyclist” needs (and looked great as well otherwise). I am talking about the revolutionary new product “NO SWEAT” pant. Check out their Kickstarter page here.

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What Makes it Different?

The “NO SWEAT” pants are a product manufactured with “performance fibers” keeping comfort and performance simultaneously in view. The diversity in its inherent styling and fitting makes it suitable for a variety of activities (apart for cycling), a dress pant, a sweat pant, a work pant, a running pant and above all a cycling pant all built into one.

A superior blend of tencel, polyester, cotton and spandex fibers forms the revolutionary new fabric from which the “NO SWEAT” Pants is manufactured (named Nature2X). The inherent qualities of the revolutionary Nature2X fabric makes “NO SWEAT”  moisture absorbent, anti-bacterial, odor resistant, durable, quick dry, breathable, comfortable and carries immense stretch and memory.

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The revolutionary fabric is an outcome of extensive fabric research and understanding of human anatomy and comfort factors. The fabric has the unique capability to absorb moisture (yet give a dry feeling) and keep itself odor free owing to its anti bacterial nature. The most amazing feature of the fabric is the right balance of each fiber to complement just the right properties inherent in each of its constituent fibers (canceling out the negative elements of each fiber type). The fabric has an amazing 28% stretch.

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Apart from the revolutionary fabric quality, “NO SWEAT” pant distinguish itself with quality stitching, designing, shape, accessories and fit. Heavy duty triple stitching on stress point areas, double layered reinforced pockets, invisible stretchable seat gusset and reinforced back pockets are just a few outstanding features. It is available in men’s 5 pocket and jogger styles.

Find out more about the product on their Kickstarter website: